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Company profile

  Guangdong Shunde Kailei Machinery Co., Ltd.(original name: Shunde No.2 Agricultural Machinery Factory), has started produced “Shunda” brand aquaculture machinery products since 1984. The company has been deeply trusted by the vast number of breeding users for more than thirty years. It is a specialized manufacturer of aquaculture machinery, a provincial advanced enterprise and a national fishery machinery and instrument industry designated enterprise, and has been approved to be the purchase supplier for the United Nations. The company has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, and the main products include Impeller aerator, waterwheel type aerator, submerged jet aerator, feeding machine, frozen fish granulator, fresh-frozen fish cutter, meat grinder, feed mixer, diesel gasoline water pump, mini tiller, etc. The aerator production and sales of our company has been the forefront of the country over the years, and its products are sold throughout Guangdong and neighboring provinces, and exported to Southeast Asia, the Americas and other regions.

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